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About Us

Cambridge Resonant Technologies was founded at the start of 2006 in order to commercialise a set of patents in the field of RFID and wireless power. The inventions are based on a new approach to the old technique of resonance, a fundamental building block of RF circuits. Our method is compatible with established technology, but offers performance gains in efficiency, range, and immunity to detuning.

In June 2006 we were awarded a Grant for Research and Development in recognition of the potential impact of the technology.

Our first product, a battery powered pet door incorporating a low frequency RFID reader, illustrates the performance gains in one initial application.

Our business model is to first commercialise the RFID reader technology, whilst continuing further R&D in parallel on RFID transponders and wireless power. We are actively seeking partners/customers in each of these fields to bring this breakthrough technology to market as rapidly as possible.


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